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$150 / UP TO 8 HOURS

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One of our Super Inflatable BounceHouses or other inflatable is a GREAT way to keep your kids entertained the whole day!

The Fun Factory provides Bounce Houses & Air Jumps of all shapes and sizes. We are experts at finding the perfect fit for your child. With over 75 styles to choose from, you can keep your kids jumping for joy in a jungle, spaceship, castle, or monster truck. With so many styles to choose from, we can certainly find one your child will love!

We deliver the bounce house of your choice to your location—your home, local park, or school—and we set everything up for you, too. Our bounce houses and air jumps are appropriate for kids of all ages, and are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Bounce houses are a safe and fun way to get your party off the ground and keep all your jumpers happy. And after bouncing around in one of our air jumps, they’ll be sure to finish off the cake in no time!

Our bounce houses can be set up on ANY surface - grass, cement, dirt, anywhere! They can even be placed at a slight angle, such as a driveway or slightly sloping yard.

You will need a surface area of 16’ x 16’ to place the jumper. If you would like, we have a smaller, Castle - style bouncer which needs 13’ x 13’.

(Please note: if your party is at a location that will not have electricity provided, I.e., a park, etc., then we can bring a generator to provide power to the air blower which inflates the unit. Rates for generator = $50.00 / Day)