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GET READY TO PUT ON A HAPPY FACE!hire a clown for your party in dallas


1 Hour
2 Hours

At the Fun Factory, in Dallas County, Texas, our professional and experienced clowns know all the tricks to keep kids smiling! All of our clown performers have a minimum 5 year's experience performing in kids parties. Many of our clowns have won awards for excellence. And many of them spend their free time volunteering as clowns at children's hospitals, school events, county fairs and other places where kids can benefit from their expertise.

They are experts in all the arEAs of clowning

From Face Painting


We have clowns for hire in Fort Worth who also do face painting We have clowns for hire in Fort Worth who also do face painting

To Balloon Animals

And Eye Popping Magic.

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Award-winning, experienced clowns can also volunteer clowning services at children's hospital and schools so they can book up fast. It's a good idea to start planning your "party to remember" early to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Bringing a smile to a child's face is what clowns do best. Being energetic, making everyone laugh and making every child at the party feel comfortable is obviously their goal. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and charming clowns can still make a child feel intimidated. It's a good idea to ask for a picture of your clown performer or even request specific appearance characteristics to make the clown more approachable to the children.

Want to have a charming, unique, birthday party that the children (and adults) will remember forever? Hire a clown in Dallas Texas now and get ready to have some laughs.

At The Fun Factory, we understand that every party is unique. If you have special requests as to the costume or appearance of your clown performer, we will be happy to accommodate them! If you would like your performer to wear less makeup, etc., in order to be more approachable to your child, we are always happy to do so. Just ask!